Activist Leftist Judge Will Ignore Pardon, Let Sheriff Arpaio Conviction Stand


A rogue left-wing and activist judge is considering ignoring the presidential pardon of Sheriff Arpaio and allow the conviction to stand. This is unheard of. She will let the case drop but the conviction will stand unless the government can convince her otherwise. Because the President pardoned Arpaio before the final judgement, she might get away with this.

Activist Judge Bolton

WaPo reported that following the pardon, Arpaio’s attorneys asked the judge to dismiss the case and vacate his conviction, which is protocol in such circumstances. Department of Justice attorneys joined them, writing in court papers this week that Trump’s pardon made the entire case moot because Arpaio “will face no consequences that result from the guilty verdict.”

In addition, the Trump administration joined this effort by filing papers calling the case moot and demanding “the court vacate its ruling and all other rulings in the case.”

“In a filing Thursday, U.S. District Judge Susan R. Bolton wrote she wasn’t convinced that she could scrub the guilty verdict from Arpaio’s record,” reported The Washington Post. “Instead, she signaled she was considering simply dropping the criminal case but letting the conviction stand — unless the government can persuade her otherwise.”

It’s “a method of judging cases which is aimed specifically at countering some of the practices of President Trump, even if this development means creating new legal principles and/or overlooking (or at least minimizing) other established ones,” he explained for LawNewz.

She’s changing law and precedent as Democrat judges like to do. Perhaps this is in preparation for any pardons the President might give out after Mueller’s witch hunt concludes and some are sent to the pyre.

She was brutal in her statements about the Sheriff. She’s obviously biased in favor of illegal immigrants. Bolton is the judge who wouldn’t allow Arizona to follow federal law in clamping down on illegal immigration.


  1. These folks can run for elected office rather than legislating from the bench OR resign. They will not choose the ‘narrow door’.

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