Actor James Woods Slams Hillary And Her Faux Border Outrage

Actor James Woods silenced Hillary Clinton after she spewed fake outrage over the government’s longstanding immigration policy. He threw the Clinton Foundation’s Haiti scandals in her face.

Hillary had tweeted: “Like so many others, I am horrified and heartbroken by what is happening to immigrant kids and families because of this administration’s disastrous policies.” Woods retorted: “Now do Haiti.”

The Clinton Foundation reportedly raised tens of millions of dollars for Haiti hurricane relief in 2010, but funneled most of that money back to itself, according to multiple press reports. So much for helping Haitian children and families torn apart by a devastating hurricane.

People are still in trailers in Haiti, but her brother Tony leases their gold mine. Haitians don’t have a lot of resources and they, by law, don’t farm our their mine to foreigners. This was extremely unusual. Some called their Haiti fund, an extortion racket.

Haiti also got a new luxury resort for the Super Rich with the Haiti funds. Additionally, some of the resources from the Haiti fund went to her daughter’s wedding.

Hillary wants more money, this time for the border crisis. She wants you to send it to a far-left organization called ABC.

She used a Bible verse to put down Jeff Sessions. She must have bought one of those WonderBibles you see advertised on cable TV..

The child separation laws have been in place for many years and were approved by both parties. The media covered up the child migrant crisis when Obama was in office. The crisis also took place under Bush.

There are a lot of lies going around. Read the truth on the link.

The Truth About Family Separation at the Border



  1. The Republicans will just never learn. Instead of cowering like a “caged rat” NOW would be the time to go hard on offense. They have openly admitted they will “sacrifice” the children on the “altar of politics” rather than correct the problem. They are not blaming Trump for “inaction”, rather they are in the Mode of “inaction”. It would be quite easy to come out with some truly damning ads against them. But, as usual, they prefer to whine like insecure children.

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