Adam Schiff’s Minority Memo Story Is Proven to Be a Complete Lie


Adam Schiff condemned the President for not releasing the House Intel Committee’s minority memo countermanding the Republican majority memo which pointed to corruption at the DoJ/FBI. It also showed how close the ties are to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

The memo was backed up by the Senate Intel Committee’s memo which was written separately and prior to the House memo.

Adam Schiff publicly condemned the President and Republicans for not releasing the memo, claiming they were obstructionists.

The President responded in a statement that the Justice Department would not okay the minority memo because it included classified material.

Devin Nunes then clarified that statement. He said Adam Schiff “pledged to seek the input of the Department of Justice and FBI regarding the memo’s public release, and it’s no surprise that these agencies recommended against publishing the memo without redactions,” Nunes said, as reported by The Hill.

Why didn’t Schiff listen to FBI Director Wray on those aspects of the minority memo that would compromise national security? The only logical reason is that he wanted to lie. The purpose was to make Devin Nunes and the Republican majority look bad.

House Intel Committee released the FBI letters

The FBI’s concerns about the GOP memo is Carter Page’s history was left out and with their issue with the Democrat memo is their inclusion of classified material.


Mark Meadows released another tweet wondering why 75% of the Democrats have not even read their own memo. The answer, he suggests, could be because they know it’s merely a misdirection. The President has said the memo doesn’t refute any facts which is what House Intel Chair Devin Nunes has said.


  1. These low life democrats are running scared and I believe eventually it will all come out about these corrupt criminal activities. And I believe the left is going to crash and burn.

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