Administration Bullies Companies Using Criminal Background Checks


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Photo of Obama’s criminal peeps

The Obama administration is suing Dollar General and a BMW facility in South Carolina for conducting criminal background checks on job applicants because they say it’s a racist policy.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued new guidelines last year which warned companies against rejecting minority applicants who have committed a crime and cautioned companies to remove all employment policies that made criminal records part of their criteria.

Aside from the obvious concerns about the federal government ordering private companies to hire criminals, there is an issue here of the federal government violating states rights.

Dollar General said it does not discriminate and the background checks are meant to insure a safe environment for employees and customers and to protect their assets.

The EEOC said Dollar General rejected one client for a felony incorrectly attributed to her. (The EEOC had been warning these companies for months and were looking for a case to take up.)

The complaint against BMW is against their policy which the EEOC says doesn’t consider the nature of the crimes or how old they are. The EEOC said a disproportionate number of Blacks were terminated based on their criminal records.

BMW responded that they place a safe work environment as one of the highest priorities.

The numbers of minorities getting arrested and going to prison are high and the EEOC is concerned that more minorities will be excluded from jobs than other races.

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