Administration Makes Concerted Effort to Hurt Our Military



Photo: No fireworks at Camp LeJeune this year

Sequester is hurting our military by design and we can thank the Obama administration for that. Fireworks shows, housing for homeless vets, even burials of veterans are being cut, all in the name of Obamaquester.

Obamaquester – Sequester – was the work of both Congress, who agreed to it, and Obama, who conceived the idea and signed the legislation that put it in motion. Known as the 2011 Budget Control Act, it has been blamed on the Tea Party by the NY Times. The more conservative members of Congress did not, however, vote for it. The Tea Party wanted cuts but not irrational cuts. Obama needs to bear the brunt of the blame.

Obama has taken the $42 billion in cuts to cash outlays for the FY2013 budget and made them “hurt.” Obama was offered an opportunity by Congress to move sums of money around to make the cuts as painless as possible but he refused. The cuts had to hurt.

Obama didn’t get away with cutting some of what he wanted to cut, such as air traffic controllers, because Congress stopped him in one of those rare moments when they function.

The military, however, is being made to suffer.

The military fireworks have been cut. At Camp Lejeune, the fireworks show for military and their families has been cut and the cut was completely unnecessary. A Pittsburgh company offered to do the show for free but the government – that wants the cuts to hurt – said no thanks.

The military officials then had the unmitigated gall to say the show was cancelled due to cutbacks.

CNS News reported the cancellation of Independence Day celebrations at the Naval Station Great Lakes in Chicago, the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Fort Bragg, Naval Station Everett in Washington state, fleet week is being canceled; the Bayfest event in Pearl Harbor; Shaw Air Force bas in Sumter, South Carolina, New Jersey’s Joing Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst; Parris Island; Fort Hood where our soldiers were gunned down by a terrorist; Fort Jackson’s cannon salute is gone; and the US Navy has to pull our of the “Red, White & Boom” celebrations in Rock Island, Illinois.

The government wants the cuts to hurt so we never cut the budget again.

We can give billions to the Muslim Brotherhood, we can fly Obama and his family to Africa for $100 million, but we can’t cut any government spending without hurting those to whom we owe the most.

The military times reports that swimming pools for servicemen are having their hours cut or are being kept closed altogether.

The Department of Defense Education Activity and the Supplemental to Impact Aid, two programs that help fund schools for military dependents, are both facing 5.2 percent cuts, which are likely to total almost $103 million.

The cuts have to hurt after all.

The military tried to cut tuition assistance to active-duty military but Congress stepped in and stopped it. reported that housing for homeless veterans was slashed.The VA’s Survivors’ Pension Benefits program, which provides needs-based financial help for the spouses and children of fallen soldiers, is scheduled to lose $84.5 million, a 5.3 percent cut. Another program, the Dependency and Indemnity Compensation, gives a small monthly payment to the spouses and children of fallen soldiers. It’s also facing a 5.3 percent cut, which will cost those survivors $307.5 million.

Training, recruitment and deployment of Special Forces have been cut.

Cuts to Arlington National Cemetery will limit burials of deserving soldiers.

It’s not about the .02% cut to the increase in spending, it’s about the way it is being done – it has to hurt.