Most Admired Person Is Incompetent

Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, all one happy family
This morphed Mediaite photo shows a cozy trio  of the most admired people in the United States.

Gallup has named the most admired person in the United States and it is a man who is incompetent and should have been impeached.

Admired, but for what? President Obama has again been named the nation’s most admired man for the 9th consecutive year according to the annual Gallup poll. That is what the media is widely reporting but they leave out the details.

That title is somewhat deceiving out of context. In fact, only twenty-two percent mentioned Obama in response to the open-ended question.

The question read: What man that you have heard or read about, living today in any part of the world, do you admire most? And who is your second choice?

Obama’s win over Trump this year is largely a result of the president earning more mentions among Democrats than Trump receives from Republicans. Fifty percent of Democrats named Obama as most admired, compared with 34% of Republicans choosing Trump.

The score is Obama’s lowest yet.

The poll puts him behind Dwight D. Eisenhower, who was bestowed the honor a record twelve times. Donald Trump landed in 2nd place for the second year in a row.

It’s not uncommon for presidents-elect to take a back seat to those already in office. The only two U.S. leaders who garnered the top ranking prior to their inaugurations are Obama and Eisenhower.

Rounding out the top five in the 2016 survey are, in order, Pope Francis, Bernie Sanders, a communist, and Billy Graham. In the category of most admired woman, Hillary Clinton, a liar and a crook, rose above all others. This year marks her 21st appearance in the number one slot, reports the Washington Post.

Michelle Obama was ranked second and German Chancellor Angela Merkel 3rd [after she ruined her country]; 4th and 5th places went to Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres, respectively.

The Gallup poll was conducted between December 7 and December 11 and involved the participation of 1,028 adult Americans.

There is a plus or minus 4 percentage point error margin which include computed design effects for weighting.

Each sample of national adults includes a minimum quota of 60% cellphone respondents and 40% landline respondents, with additional minimum quotas by time zone within region. Landline and cellular telephone numbers are selected using random-digit-dial methods.

Phone surveys are among the least accurate.