Affirmative Action for Homosexuals


Fox News, CNN, ESPN, CBS and NBC sponsored and recruited at the biased “Gay Journalists’ Convention (NLGJA). The convention isn’t Fair & Balanced. It is solidly pro-gay everything with a heavy dose of activism.

Fox along with the other networks and a number of companies gave a $10,000 grant for the convention that took place August 21-24. Fox recruited journalists at the convention.

Why are homosexuals special? Why should they be special? Who cares what they do in bed and why is that reason to seek them out? This is nuts.

It was a 100% homosexual and transgender activist convention.

They paraded around their gay Christian Reverends.

No opposing viewpoints were presented. As I said, it was not Fair & Balanced. 

Anyone who disagrees with gay marriage has been effectively silenced and Fox is recruiting reporters at an activist convention.

Maybe the new gay reporters will be neutral but it’s unlikely. Biased reporting and opinion pieces substitute for journalism these days.

The conference activists believe that “gay, lesbian, transgender” journalists are a legitimate “minority” like racial and ethnic minorities.

There are so many special interest groups demanding special consideration that it leaves the average person without opportunities they should have had. Why can’t we just hire the best people for the job without bias?

American for Truth writer Peter LaBarbera posted the story with more information if you’d like to read more about it.