AG Holder Threatens Florida Gov. Scott, ‘We’re Watching You’


Gov Rick Scott

Eric Holder threatened Florida’s Governor Rick Scott, photo above, because he is attempting to put voting laws in place that will keep illegal aliens and other illegitimate voters from voting.

Attorney General Holder told Governor Scott, “We’re watching you,” in a scathing letter. He informed Scott that the voting rules were “troubling” and Justice was “carefully monitoring” Florida’s upcoming elections.


Attorney General Eric Holder

“We will not hesitate to use all tools and legal authorities at our disposal to fight against racial discrimination, to stand against disenfranchisement and to safeguard the right of every eligible American to cast a ballot,” Holder wrote.

Scott dismissed the comments as nothing more than an effort to help Charlie Crist in the upcoming election.  Crist will undoubtedly run as Scott’s opponent.

Holder chastised Scott:  “During your tenure, your state has repeatedly added barriers to voting and restricted access to the polls.”

He lambasted Scott for making it more difficult for felons to regain voting rights. Felons are part of the Democratic Party’s voting base.

Detzner also refused the University of Florida’s request to set up early voting and rejected remote voting locations.

Then to the point of all this, he harshly criticized Secretary of State Ken Detzner for trying to purge suspected non citizens from the voter rolls, a reference to a fiery battle between them in 2012, which ended in a court ruling favoring Holder this past April.

Detzner’s moves have nothing to do with disenfranchising legitimate voters. He wants to stop illegal voting. Holder wants to turn voters off to Governor Scott whose election is coming up.

It’s difficult proving fraudulent voting and there haven’t been enough cases to suit the left who continually use the irrelevant argument, claiming there is not enough voter fraud to require photo ID.

Eric Holder has sued states for tightening voting regulations, claiming racism, and he wants photo ID requirements for voting banned. Holder is the same man who wouldn’t have an event with attendees without a photo ID.

With no small measure of hyperbole, Attorney General Eric Holder informed members of the Congressional Black Caucus and the Conference of National Black Churches last Wednesday that the right to vote was threatened across the country.

Holder sees anti-Black bigotry everywhere – literally everywhere. He’s paranoid or he’s ginning up the base.

“The reality is that in jurisdictions across the country, both overt and subtle forms of discrimination remain all too common and have not yet been relegated to the pages of history,” Holder said.

He promoted the Voting Rights Act and suggested that the increased lawsuits were because of voter fraud as opposed to reactions to his fear-mongering.

In 2012, Holder threatened Scott for purging the voter rolls and when the BOE joined Holder, Scott stepped back.  Two naturalized citizens sued the State when they found out they were on the list being investigated, though they were not purged. A court ruling this past April found Scott’s list was flawed and the purge was to take place too close to the election.

Unfortunately, the Feds are flooding Florida with illegal aliens and keeping them from voting has to be on the agenda.


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