AG Sessions Orders Uranium One Re-Opened


The Justice Department is reviving an inquiry into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the government’s approval of the Uranium One deal, NBC News reported on Thursday.

NBC, citing “multiple law enforcement officials,” reported that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has in recent weeks directed Justice Department prosecutors to ask FBI agents to explain evidence uncovered in the probe.

The left-wing media isn’t taking it well. HuffPo says the case has been resolved although that is not the case, and they called it a Trump obsession, which is also not the case.

Who is their right mind would give 20% of U.S. uranium to Russia?

Salon says it’s a long-dormant case and it’s being led by right-wing critics of the Clintons and they claim, as are leading Democrats, that it is merely a means of distracting from the Russia-Trump collusion case.



  1. We must take these traitors, drag these shits out of their safe houses and put them in jail, no bond, no bail and load up the prosecution with several prosecutors in EACH CASE. and prosecute them with no mercy, ask the judges for maximum sentences, GET THEM OUT.
    Arrest Soros and seize his fortune and give it back to Israelis whose ancestors Soros turned into the Nazis and stole their family assets. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? WHY IS THIS SOROS SHIT WALKING AROUND WITHOUT A BULLET IN HIS HEAD AND HIS FORTUNE SEIZED BY ISRAEL??????

  2. The uranium investigation which was started years ago was killed by Obama/Holder/Mueller, and Salon wants to use that to claim it was a completed investigated. To use such a claim, as many have done, indicates they have no argument to make about the crimes.

  3. It is treason, pure and simple. The same is true of Obama’s enabling of Hezbollah drug sales and money laundering to protect his anti-American Iranian nuclear agreement. All of the Obama admin that participated in these treasonous activities should be imprisoned for life, if not shot dead!

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