Agenda 21 on LI Will Bankrupt You More – Check It Out on NY Liberty Report


Among the natural rights of the colonists are these: First a right to life, secondly to liberty, and thirdly to property; together with the right to defend them in the best manner they can.
~ Samuel Adams

I read the following three articles on the NY/Suffolk Liberty Report and they are worth a thorough reading –


The Day the Earth Stood Still: Suffolk budget panel sees $530M deficit

Facing a $530-million budget hole, Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone Tuesday declared “the worst fiscal emergency in our county’s history” and said it was unlikely that he would be able to prevent nearly 500 jobs from being eliminated in July.

“These numbers are so enormous, it’s not something that can be solved immediately,” he said minutes after the independent task force he convened in January presented its projections to the county legislature. “It’s much larger than any of us imagined.”

The deficit projections include $33 million to close 2011 (the first year-end budget hole since 1992), $148 million in 2012 and $349 million in 2013. Task force members attributed the deepening gap to revenues — largely from sales tax — that are falling further and further behind rapidly increasing salary, benefits and pension obligations…Read more here: Suffolk County Liberty Report

Mark Lesko, Der Fuhrer

Pushing for Soviet-Style Housing



Agenda 21 Update: Der Fuhrer Lesko’s $37 million push for Soviet Style Housing in Brookhaven

The Agenda 21 playbook specifically calls for Public/Private Partnerships that are tantamount to government sanctioned and supported monopolies, which are then set up to be implemented in local communities across our nation for “sustainable development” projects.

Correlating factions that underlie Agenda 21:

  • Up-zoning of low-density residential land around small towns into higher density zoning to permit construction of hundreds or possibly thousands of inclusive housing units, including apartments and condominiums
  • Inclusive housing with placement of multi-family construction on in-fill lots within existing residential single family communities
  • Endorsement of government-sponsored housing initiatives (subsidies) to ensure healthier, balanced neighborhoods

These factions defy free market American principles and the will of local communities, with the monopolized Public/Private Partnerships thereby forcing Soviet-style high density housing into unwilling communities.

Conversely, smart growth municipal plans, required by statute, enable municipalities to change zoning laws and engage in other regulatory actions that devalue property, restrict off-conveyances, and otherwise erode property values without payment of any compensation to the affected property owner.

Brookhaven Town Supervisor Lesko is now pushing the creation of new tax line on the tax bill to fund 37 million in “open space” purchases around the Carmans river, with 10 year bonding. This in spite of Lesko himself recently stating how the town was on the verge of bankruptcy!

This Carmans river Multifamily plan will allow for As of Right, meaning no zone change hearing as customarily done, for dense residential apartments and condos in selected areas across the town at a max of 12 units and acre.

Lesko’s plan is yet another socialized redistribution scheme taken literally right out of the Agenda 21 playbook.

Selected by who? The Public/Private Partnerships.


Carmans River preservation vote Tuesday

Brookhaven’s town board is scheduled to cast a vote Tuesday on whether to hold a March 29 public hearing on a proposal to preserve the Carmans River.

Planning Commissioner Tullio Bertoli presented the Carmans River Watershed Protection & Management Plan to the town board Thursday.

Photo credit: Joseph D. Sullivan

The proposal promises to let property owners in the Carmans watershed sell “development credits” to build away from the river — with greater density than zoning allows. It creates 35 sites around Brookhaven to serve as potential receiving areas for dense multifamily development.

During a work session yesterday, Councilman Daniel Panico expressed concerns that the proposal could necessitate a tax increase — a charge Supervisor Mark Lesko adamantly denied.

“We have an opportunity to do something great — to save a river,” Lesko said.

The 10-mile river runs from Middle Island to Bellport Bay. The town must approve the management plan by the end of June under state law.

Tuesday’s meeting is scheduled for 5 p.m. at Town Hall…Read here: New York Liberty Report