Agenda 21 & Rosa Koire


I am posting a comment made on one of my articles by Rosa Koire, a warrior in the fight against Agenda 21. She has the best information out there. Her site and her book are worth a look if you have an interest in the abuse of property rights in the United States, particularly in New York.

AGENDA 21 is one of the biggest threats to our liberty. It is the UN’s Marxist march to destroy private property rights and it is here under the guise of sustainability, open air projects, Eminent Domain and so on. I am not against Eminent Domain when used appropriately, but that is not the case in far too many instances. Click here for the article Rosa Koire commented on.

“Thank you, Sara, for referring your readers to our websites.

As I say, Redevelopment is the vampire that never dies. It is a funding and implementation arm for UN Agenda 21.

Yes, affordable housing is an element of the UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development plan in Long Island, as it is everywhere. The low income housing property developers get huge subsidies, often pay no property taxes, and sell low income housing tax credits to big corporate entities for tremendous gains. This is a racket being sold to you as the answer to social inequity in your town, but in fact is a way to siphon off your property, transportation, and income taxes into big developers’ pockets.

Your readers may be interested in reading my new book BEHIND THE GREEN MASK: UN Agenda 21. I do talk about the connection between bike coalitions, redevelopment, smart growth, low income housing, Metropolitan Planning Organizations, and UN Agenda 21.

I hope to be on the East Coast on a speaking tour in 2012 and will let you know if I’ll be in Long Island.

Awareness is the first step in the Resistance,
Rosa ”

Rosa Koire, ASA
Executive Director
Post Sustainability Institute