Aging Granny Pelosi’s Brain Freezes 16 Times in a 15 Minute Speech


Grabien put a montage together of Nancy Pelosi stumbling 16 times in a fifteen-minute speech. That’s more than one brain freeze a minute. The 77-year old granny representative paused over-and-over in the middle of her sentences, trying to find the words.

At times, Mrs. Pelosi stared with a vacant look in her eyes.

Addressing a question on the fracturing within the Democratic Party, Pelosi began, “The most exhilarating …” but then struggled to find her next word. Finally, she settled on “thrill,” and went on to say that the various “competing fractions” within her party make it exciting.

About a Senate banking bill, Pelosi said, “You might say, How do we help communities banks, um, how do we help, um …” and then completely forgot what she was trying to say.

I think we know at least one person who might be getting the Alzheimer meds from the local pharmacy.


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