Ahmed Shafiq Claims Presidency As the Brotherhood Sends Protesters to the Streets


A spokesman for Ahmed Shafiq, ex-prime minister of Egypt, declared that Shafiq was the winner of the Sunday election and not the Brotherhood candidate, Mohammed Mursi. Ahmed claims he won 51.5% of the vote.

“Gen. Ahmed Shafiq is the next president of Egypt,” said the spokesman, adding that the candidate won some 500,000 votes more than Mursi of the fundamentalist Brotherhood.

The official result will be announced on Thursday.

The Muslim Brotherhood, an organization of 300,000 members, has called for protests in Tahrir Square. The protesters did come out in the thousands today. Some are saying it is in the hundreds of thousands.

The military disbanded the Parliament and have taken over the process of writing the Constitution which has caused alarm among the Brotherhood. The Parliament was comprised of two Sharia-law groups, the Brotherhood and the Salafists.

Some U.S. Moonbats support government by the Brotherhood because they believe their lies and want to stick to their unrealistic Moonbatism.

If the Brotherhood does win this election, they will have complete control of the government. The reverse could be true of the military though it is unlikely they will go the route of Syria.

Last year, the Brotherhood said they would not seek the presidency and quickly went back on that as one should have suspected and as we predicted on the Sentinel.

President Obama encouraged the rebels to include the Brotherhood in negotiations at that time. He did this even while the Brotherhood declared Israel to be an “enemy of the state.”

Ralliers today –

Obama opens diplomatic relations with the Brotherhood –

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