Al Graf, NY Assemblyman, Rails Against Flawed Gun Bill


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Update: 1/18: Just a thought. If I were a criminal I would sue the first officer who shot me with a gun that has more than 7 bullets.

Al Graf is the Assemblyman from the 5th district of Long Island and he is one of a minority who voted against the hastily and poorly written SAFE gun bill.

He deserves a lot praise for having the courage to stand against it in this area of New York.

As he stated, the bill doesn’t begin to make our children safer; there was inadequate input; and there were missed opportunities to deal with mental health issues, bullying and the desensitization associated with violent video games.

The bill, which limits rounds in guns, doesn’t have an exception for police guns. He was told problems like that would be fixed later.

Assemblyman Al Graf (R,C,I-Holbrook) recently expressed his opposition to the poor government process that yielded a hurried vote on incomplete legislation. Graf indicated that the legislation contained numerous flaws, including one that hits extremely close to home.“My daughter is a New York City police officer, and under this legislation, we’ll be taking bullets out of her gun while the bad guys have no such limitations,” said Graf. “This is what happens when you circumvent the legal, responsible legislative process: you end up with a well-intentioned bill that completely misses its mark and ends up putting the safety of our children and families at risk”

This legislation, as presented by the governor, does not begin to address the issues that culminated in the tragic loss of young lives in Sandy Hook. The gun control measure passed by the Assembly was rushed to the floor without public input or proper review and resulted in a fatally-flawed bill.

“I was instrumental in creating three amendments to this bill which, though they were promised to be advanced sometime in the future, were not included in the legislation that was voted on. Therefore, I cannot, in good conscience, vote for a piece of legislation that is admittedly flawed,” said Graf.

“Elected officials are sent to state government to do the people’s work, and the people have a right to make their voices heard before legislation is rushed into law,” said Graf. “Unlike the governor, I am not running for president in 2016 and see no need to force through important measures without proper review. While I am certainly in favor of an open, substantive discussion about protecting public safety and keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous criminals, I will not vote for legislation that is hastily written and not properly vetted for the sake of making headlines.”

Graf went on to detail further deficiencies in the legislation.

“This legislation represents missed opportunities to deal more effectively with mental health issues, bullying and the desensitization associated with violent video games,” he said. “This legislation goes a long way toward grabbing headlines, but falls way too short of dealing with the problems that culminate into tragic events splashed across our newspapers.”

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