At Last — Antifa Dirtbag Arrested for Burning the U.S. Flag


An Antifa thug was arrested after burning the U.S.flag. The reason given was he destroyed property. This was yesterday during May Day riots as Communists and Socialists set fires, in the streets, assaulted police, and received too little reaction thanks to the political leaders who keep the police from responding appropriately.

Just look at they mayhem and violence and then think Bernie Sanders, or for that matter, think Democrat Party. They are the ones who encouraged this. Let’s not forget Loretta Lynch calling for blood in the streets or the many times Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Tom Perez and Keith Ellison among others egging them on.

This is Portland which is way out of control.

Look at how police have to dress on U.S. streets. It looks like Venezuela.

Throwing rocks at police in Olympia.

These Berkeley students can’t understand why anyone would stand up for free speech.


  1. Was he actually arrested. Apparently many of these who the police take away are not arrested but merely “detained” and then released.

    It’s about time we take a hard line with these “black KKK” hooded street thugs. In many places it is illegal to mask yourself. THIS should incur an automatic 30 days. If you do ANY damage to property it should be an automatic one year of incarceration. Those who organize these uprisings should face an automatic Five years.

    I’m damned tired of seeing these thugs and their wanton destruction. They admit they want to destroy capitalism yet want and do enjoy the Fruits of that capitalism. Many say they prefer anarchy. Are they so ignorant and without any semblance of rational thought of what that outcome would entail. Few of them would survive a truly knock down fight and That is what they would have to contend with when anarchy is in full force.

    They are so removed from reality they even go after someone who is predominantly on their side. An older lady was pushing around a cart and much of what she was saying would be in agreement with the protestors. Yet when she slightly differed in some point they verbally attacked her.

    Since they are so unbelievably irrational I suspect they are under the influence of drugs. I saw the same behavior when in the military during the hippie revolution. That obvious departure from reality is what convinced me never to try using drugs. Whether it is accepted or not the use of drugs certainly does have an effect on a persons ability to formulate complex thinking.

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