Al-Libi to Be Tried in Liberal NY at Taxpayer Expense – Really!


Al-LIbi and US Embassy bombed in 1998

Photo of bombed out Embassy bombings in 1998. Al-Libi is seen in the inset.

The threat of international terrorism is so minute in Mr. Obama’s eyes that he decided to treat al-Libi, ringleader of the 1998 Embassy bombings, as a common criminal. He will be given high-priced lawyers at taxpayer expense. He will have innumerable opportunities to use the trial as a stage. It will drag on for years and he will put the US on trial.

Hundreds were killed in simultaneous bombings at US embassies in Dar es Salaam and Nairobi to commemorate the 8th anniversary of the US forces in Saudi Arabia in 1998. He was the ringleader.

Allegedly, he is seriously ill and wouldn’t eat while on the ship. I’m sure they could have treated him on the ship he was imprisoned on.

The administration decided to bring him to New York City.

Holder is getting his New York terror trials whether we like it or not.

Libi will appear in criminal court in New York City at 12:45 pm.