Al Qaeda Gains Strength Thanks to the Arab Spring

The Director General of Britain’s domestic spy agency MI5, Jonathan Evans

Jonathan Edwards, head of MI5, warns that al Qaeda has not been diminished since 9/11 and, in fact, they are leaving Afghanistan and Pakistan to head back to their homes in Yemen, Egypt, Mali and so on, where they are now accepted.

The Arab Spring eliminated the rulers like Mubarek and Gaddafi who kept al Qaeda out of their countries. Al Qaeda is once again welcomed in Egypt and Libya.

British-born would-be Jihadists are traveling to Middle Eastern countries to be trained as suicide bombers. [They need training to be suicide bombers?]

Iran is likely sponsoring terrorism around the world. When they have the bomb, there will be no stopping them.

Mr. Evans said that Al Qaeda has never slowed down and he has faced credible threats every year since 9/11,

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