Al Qaeda Has An Undetectable Liquid Explosive


Ayman al-Zawahiri, the head of al Qaeda, allegedly ordered Yemeni terrorists (al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula) to carry out an attack on Westerners as early as this past Sunday. The attack involves suicide bombers.

According to  ABC News., al Qaeda has developed an undetectable liquid explosive that turns ordinary clothing dipped in the liquid into explosives once dry.

They are made-to-order for suicide bombers.

The bomb is believed to have been developed by Ibrahim al-Asiri, bomb maker for al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP).

Ibrahim Hassan Al Asiri.   /Saudi Interior Ministry/Landov

Ibrahim Hassan Al Asiri. /Saudi Interior Ministry/Landov

Last week, the intelligence community traced a plot by AQAP to blow up airplanes or cargo planes. It was immediately after this that the US ordered the closure of 22 embassies and missions throughout the world. By Friday, a global alert was issued warning Westerners traveling by any means of transportation.

Obama’s dangerous mindset of denying and ignoring al Qaeda has helped bring us to this point. We can’t fight the enemy if we don’t even admit he exists. The enemy has a very big head start on us.

Obama seems to have awoken but will his responses be strong enough to meet the challenge? So far, we are only on the run.

We are facing an imminent attack by suicide bombers who can wear their explosives onto a plane or into a crowded train undetected.