Al Qaeda Puts A Bounty Out on US Soldiers and US Ambassador to Yemen


Amb Gerald Feierstein

Al Qaeda militants in Yemen have offered a bounty of a $160,000 on anyone who will kill the US Ambassador to Yemen and $23,000 if a US soldier is killed.

The bounty is in response to a drone strike on three al Qaeda militants in Bayda. [Sky News]

I hope Amb. Feierstein’s security is better than Ambassador Steven’s was.

When the attack on Benghazi first occurred, President Obama referred to the deaths of our four Americans as “bumps in the road.” Today he referred to Benghazi by saying, “There was just some sloppiness, not intentional…”

There are ongoing green-on-blue attacks and now they are putting bounties on the heads of soldiers. We have a president who sees bumps in the road and some sloppiness while some of us fear for the lives of our Americans in service to their country.

This Arab Spring has been our US Winter.