Al Sharpton Calls Trump a Racist But He Once Wanted to “Off the Pigs”, the “Crackers”


Al Sharpton is back in the news capitalizing on an opportunity to trash the Republican president. He told President Trump via the media, including TMZ, “You are a racist.”

The famed racial arsonist told TMZ, “You don’t have to spray paint the ‘n’ word over the Oval Office, and sleep with a KKK hood to be a racist. If you have racist policies, say racist things, operate in a racist manner, you are a racist.”

Sharpton didn’t mention that Blacks and Hispanics are now experiencing historically low unemployment.

How many times did Sharpton visit the Obama White House? Oh, that’s right, 57 times.

Let’s listen to Sharpton’s “off the pigs” video from 1992 and then explain why anyone would support this man? He said, “I’ll off the man. Well off him. Plenty of crackers walking around here tonight.”


  1. And what about your buddy Rev. Jesse Jackson praised and thanked Donald Trump for a lifetime of service to African Americans at one of his rainbow coalition events in 1998, got any comment Al not so Sharp-ton

  2. Transference /trans·fer·ence/ (trans-fer´ens) in psychotherapy, the unconscious tendency to assign to others in one’s present environment feelings and attitudes associated with significance in one’s early life… The sociopath will always accuse you of doing the very thing that they are guilty of themselves. They do this to deflect the attention from themselves.

  3. Most rational people can identify a real RACIST in Al Dullton; Why african Americans listen to someone with absolutely no credentials in the “smart” department. He is a professional shit disturber who will keep people riled up and never seek a real solution to real problems. He is the real life Pied Piper. Right off the end of the cliff

  4. Having to suffer listening to a lying, corrupt, greedy, hypocrite criminal race hustler like the NON-Reverend Al Charlatan condemn others as being “racists” is as grotesque an experience as it would be to hear Adolf Eichmann condemn others for being anti-Semites.

  5. Inciting violence? Isn’t that a crime? If anyone is racially biased it is Reverend Al himself. And let’s not forget his ethnic slur against the Greek “homos” and said “white men were in caves” when his folk were “building empires” and “pyramids”….I’m sorry, what “empire” would that be? And last I checked the Egyptians built the pyramids – perhaps he was referring to black slave labor – what a delusion idiot. Listen here:

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