Al Sharpton Will Help Decide What Movies You Get to See Thanks to Sony


It’s hard to know if North Korea really is the culprit in the Sony hacking affair though the White House says they are. It is being referred to by some as a cyber Pearl Harbor – if not that, it certainly is a shot across the bow.

The president might only release a strongly-worded statement of condemnation according to the Wall Street Journal. Sony for its part will allow the corrupt racist Al Sharpton to help decide the type of movies they can put out.

Al Sharpton met with Amy Pascal yesterday to discuss her racist or allegedly racist comments in private emails exposed by the hacking. Amy Pascal is a Sony Chairman.

After promising there would be no press conference or public release of their conversation, Sharpton went out and held a press conference, revealing the context of their conversation, at least it is what he understands to be the context.

He also said the jury is still out on Amy Pascal.

Once he got his hooks into Sony, Pascal should have known she wouldn’t get out of it easily.

Sharpton actually said the Hollywood liberals were like 1950s America. He wants more blacks in the Sony hierarchy, whether they’re qualified or not no doubt.

Al Sharpton once said he took his bedroom slippers off and has his marching boots on and, with the help of Barack Obama, he does indeed.


The NAACP and Sharpton’s National Action Network will screen the movies Sony puts out.

Meanwhile, George Clooney tried to get Hollywood to support Sony so he put out a petition but he couldn’t get one brave person in Hollywood to sign it.

They can only act brave – on screen.

The attacks on Sony have come first from random spots like Bolivia, and then, and only one time, the software protocol tried to contact North Korea.

Iran, China and Russia could be involved according to the White House. [Update: The White House announced today that North Korea is definitely the guilty party and Mr. Obama will respond proportionately.]

Sony said the White House screened the movie in question – The Interview – and approved it. The White House denied it but who believes them.

Mr. Obama said Sony should have consulted with him and should have shown the movie. Sony said they were in close talks with the White House senior aides.

What is the White House doing screening movies we are allowed to see as a public anyway?

Sony has disbanded all studio tours.

At least one movie theater was going to show a previously-released, ten-year old movie making fun of Kim Jong Un’s father, Kim Jong-il, called Team America, but Paramount pulled the plug saying they didn’t want to provoke.

If North Korea is behind the attack, it wouldn’t be a surprise. They are a nuclear nation that sent commandos to attack U.S. nuke plants and cities in the 1990’s according to the Free Beacon quoting a DIA report from 1998.

They are a nuclear nation that reportedly has on one occasion alone smuggled enough Plutonium from Russia to set off 7-9 Atom bombs.

The United States has repeatedly said that North Korea is incapable of delivering a nuclear weapon. However, on April 3rd, Secretary of Defense Hagel himself stated, “They [the North Koreans] have nuclear capacity now, they have missile delivery capacity now.”

The fact is that North Korea has the potential to kill millions of people, particularly if there is a weak, ideologically driven response by the Obama Administration to a North Korean WMD attack.

If they don’t have the capability, Iran, China and Russia certainly do. Our weak response won’t help the situation. As of now, a foreign power can shut down a mega-corporation and our free speech without us doing a thing to fight back.

That’s who we are now.

Eric Holder is on the case though, rest assured, he declared transgender-ism as a civil right today. He knows what is important when we are under cyber attack. (sarcasm here)