Al-Zawahiri Calls for Strikes Against US to Bleed Us Economically


Ayman al-ZawahiriAyman al-Zawahiri, the brains behind Osama bin-Laden, alive and well

Ayman al-Zawahiri released a new audio message Friday telling his followers to lodge strikes on soft targets. It only takes one or a few ‘brothers’ he said.

“We should bleed America economically by provoking it to continue in its massive expenditure on its security, for the weak point of America is its economy, which has already begun to stagger due to the military and security expenditure,” he said, according to SITE, a jihadist monitoring group. “America is not a mythic power and the Americans, after all, are humans who can be defeated, felled and punished.”

He also urged the Islamic world to abandon the dollar because it helps fund US military action in Muslim lands.

He said ‘brothers’ should mount small, ‘disparate’ assaults and seize any opportunity to conduct a large strike like 9/11.

The US debt problem is also a serious threat to national security. Someone in the White House or Congress needs to do something about it. Al-Zawahiri know it but President Obama doesn’t seem to.

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