Alabama Secretary Of State Suggests They Will Never Seat Judge Roy Moore If He Wins


On Fox News Monday evening, Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill (R) said that the Alabama Republican Party can formally pull its support for its Senate nominee Judge Roy Moore, and if this happens and Moore still gets the most votes, the election would be null and void.

Who do these people think they are? If the people believe Judge Moore and vote for him, what right do they have to unseat him?

What happened to the presumption of innocence and the Constitution? To do this fairly, they’d have to do the same to half of Congress. How many dirtbags have they let slide?

During his testimony before the House Tuesday, Attorney General Sessions did not take a neutral stance on the embattled Judge Roy Moore. He told Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee that he had no reason to doubt the “young women’s” stories attesting to Moore’s alleged sexual misbehavior. [The “young women” are actually middle-aged.]

Moore could be guilty and if he is, it’s disgusting, but, in truth, how hard would it be to find five people to accuse Moore falsely in this country?

Something about this smells like a rat. will they do the same to Menendez?

Judge Roy Moore says he doesn’t even know the last accuser.


  1. “in truth, how hard would it be to find five people to accuse Moore falsely in this country?” Indeed!!!

    Everyone keeps stating “four” women in regards to the Post story of sexual assault. Three of those women absolutely did NOT make that accusation. We can conclude this was done deliberately to allow every single network, news outlet, press outlet and opinion outlet to regurgitate the number “Four”.

    I’ve heard several conclude the yearbook has to be authentic, or at least requiring a specific denial. It is conclusive that people tend to write in similar patterns. Undoubtedly the differences in the ‘7’s are significant and should be considered in determining its authenticity. But even more conclusive is the signature. When a person writes a letter, especially a capital letter, by habit they will “begin” that letter from a specific starting point. There is no doubt Whatsoever the letter ‘R’ in the yearbook differs in its origin as compared to a valid signature of Roy Moore. The yearbook begins in the middle whereas his actual signature begins at the bottom. I’m no handwriting export but I surely can see the distinct differences.

  2. Much has been said of the Posts’ story regarding the 14 yr old and its believability. Well, we ONLY have what the story wrote, and NOTHING else. THEY decided what to quote and what NOT to quote. Could she have made glaring mistakes that weren’t included.

    As far as I know they have not released a full and complete transcription of everything asked and said. We already have the case of the NYT and women accusers against Trump. Several of Those women spoke out and said the article distorted their statements.

    I’ll state again that the woman reported the outside description of the house she visited twice but nothing reported about any descriptions of the inside. Could that have been left out, if so stated, in order to prevent a possible contradiction of stated facts. We can never know. If the Post would reveal this possible evidence, or, if the woman will give details on the interior of the house and it is corroborated by any number of sources then Moore is duty bound to step aside.

    It was mentioned during the 5th woman’s press spectacle that she stated to the effect, ‘he drove away squeeling the tires while I lay on the cold wet pavement’, or something as such. Doesn’t this sound like some sort of movie script. Who speaks like this when recounting a traumatic event.

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