Alan Colmes Reaches a New Low & I’m Reaching for the Puke Pail

Someone Needs to Fire This Man

Alan Colmes went on TV and mocked Rick Santorum’s handling of his (Santorum’s) infant son’s death. I heard Rick Santorum last night saying that he accepted an apology from Alan Colmes. Out of curiosity, I wanted to find out what Colmes actually said.

Colmes reached a new low!

Were I in Santorum’s place, I would have a hard time accepting Colmes’ apology, as would anyone who has lost a child. I held my son’s dead baby, and, let me tell you, anything that makes bearable the horror of such a death is fine with me.

For Colmes to mock Santorum’s handling, which was no different than holding a wake at home, requires one to have a puke pail nearby.

Watch the despicable sniping for yourself. Colmes came off as one unappealing, arrogant and snide partisan without much of a moral compass. I’m glad Lowry had the good instincts to call him out for it.