Alarming Photos Out Of Ferguson


People angry without knowing the facts.


Martial law. The people in charge declare martial law, then they embrace a hug-a-thug campaign refusing police the right to wear protective gear, then they bring out the National Guard.

one day ago National Guard in Ferguson

A hate group – the New Black Panthers – controlling Ferguson, directing traffic as if they were legitimate players in this.

hate group directing traffic

NBP traffic

Protesters hurling gas canisters back at police.

protester hurls gas canister back at police

People glorifying this man.


Trusted witness everyone is listening to is a robber and a liar.


Rev. Jesse Jackson asking for donations during all of this.

Jackson asking for donations

The most alarming photo of all. Captain Ron Johnson proudly marching with the violent Bloods street gang. I sure hope this one has been photoshopped.