Alarming University Report: Unprecedented Mobilization of ISIS Supporters in the U.S.


ISIS has been able to expand its reach into the United States across a broad spectrum of types. Thomas Piketty, the French economist, says inequality is behind the rise of ISIS but the reality is the ISIS supporters turning up in the U.S. do not have a common profile.

At least 300 American Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) sympathizers are spreading propaganda for the terrorist group and actively recruiting individuals on Twitter, according to a new report. More concerning is they do not have one set profile, they don’t only rely on social media, and they are growing in numbers in the United States.

The day before the Paris attacks, Barack Obama said ISIS – the jayvees – were “contained” but that is not what his top general said today.

The Joint Chiefs Chairman, Marine General Joseph Dunford, Obama’s top general, testified Tuesday that we have “not contained” ISIS and they have continually expanded without let up.

“We have not contained” ISIS, Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told lawmakers at a House Armed Services Committee hearing.

During an interview with Clinton shill, George Stephanopoulos, Obama said that he thought ISIS has been contained and they have not gained ground.

Dunford said ISIS has been “tactically” contained in areas they have been since 2010 but added, “Strategically they have spread since 2010.”

George Washington University’s Program on Extremism released a report showing “unprecedented” “ISIS-related mobilization” in the United States.

“What we do see in the United States is an unprecedented mobilization” that is “bigger than any other mobilization we have seen since 9/11,” Lorenzo Vidino, the director of George Washington University’s program on extremism, said during an event releasing the report.

Seventy-one people have been charged with ISIS-related activities in the U.S. since March 2014 and fifty-six have been arrested in 2015, a record since 9/11. The researchers believe the numbers of recruits are far greater.

The profiles of the would-be terrorists vary along race, age, social class, education, family background and their motivations are very diverse.

American supporters on social media also act as “spotters” for future recruits.

The report stated:

In one case the seemingly naïve individual posted general questions about religion, to which ISIS supporters quickly responded in a calm and authoritative manner. After a few weeks, the accounts of hardened ISIS supporters slowly introduced increasingly ardent views into the conversation. The new recruit was then invited to continue the conversion privately, often via Twitter’s Direct Message feature or on other private messaging platforms such as surespot.

The researchers pointed out that “ISIS-related radicalization is by no means limited to social media.” While some supporters express their interest solely online, in a number of cases U.S. extremists “cultivated and later strengthened their interest in ISIS’s narrative through face-to-face relationships. In most cases online and offline dynamics complement one another,” the authors write.

Some of the sympathizers in the U.S. have risen to mid-level leadership positions within ISIS.

The 71 indictments are said by US authorities to be only a small representation of what is out there. Dozens are being followed and they have no common profile.

Russia preparing to send an army of 150,000 to Syria to end the conflict but he is killing our so-called allies as well as ISIS. ISIS has already indicated that they will fall back into Libya, the country Hillary and Obama destroyed with their feckless foreign policy. ISIS’ current base of operations is Raqqa.