Alec Baldwin Can Have a Gun Under Cuomo’s Amended SAFE Act


assault rifles for Hollywood

NY’s elitist Governor Andrew Cuomo thinks that all of us little people are not capable of having certain types of guns so he passed a Draconian anti-gun bill which affects only law-abiding citizens.

This week he said he would amend it to exempt Hollywood.

That means the likes of Alec Baldwin are eligible to walk around with an AK-47.

Proof positive that Cuomo doesn’t know what he is talking about.


Check out Alec’s latest tweets out of far left-wing crazyville [Note: SCOTUS didn’t vote on it yet]:





He doesn’t like typical Americans who might wave a US flag. It seems he took the following tweet down but Twitchy had it:

ABFoundation ✔ @ABFalecbaldwin

@dkal09 6- give many Americans a frappuccino, an SUV and a flag to wave, and they are satisfied.
3:19 PM – 01 Mar 13


Looney climate change tweet from February 28th [all we have seen is frozen water lately]: