Alex Jones Demands Megyn Kelly Shelve Her Interview with Him


Chelsea Clinton, along with some families of Sandy Hook victims unleashed a furious attack on Megyn Kelly, after she interviewed Infowars’ Alex Jones. It didn’t stop there. Banks are starting to withdraw their ads. Even more surprising is that Alex Jones has called for it to be shelved because he said she selectively edited and deliberately misrepresented his views.

Alex Jones is surprised that it was a hit piece on him, but anyone who knows Kelly knows that was always the intent. It’s actually directed at the President if you look at her tweet which we included below.

What Alex Jones is saying

Jones is frequently quoted as saying the Sandy Hook school shooting was a hoax. For his part, Jones says he was playing devil’s advocate but that he has always said the mass shooting did happen and children died. He said that NBC edited his comments so it looks like he said no one died.

The Sentinel doesn’t have Jones’ original comments at the time. We have no idea if Jones’ statements are accurate but he has been labeled a conspiracy theorist by some.

Jones also said they put a light under his face to make him look scary. Kelly, he added, constantly grilled him, asking questions implying he said things he never said to make it look like he was a dangerous extremist.

For example, she said he blamed gays for the Pulse nightclub attack. Jones said he only said they were the targets. She then said “you just said that,” in other words, blamed gays.

Jones said he doesn’t want the show aired and certainly not on Father’s Day.

While Jones has been quoted as saying 9/11 is a hoax, people forget that CNN political commentator, former Obama advisor, and left-wing hero, Van Jones said 9/11 is a hoax.

It’s meant to hurt POTUS

Kelly tweeted that the President has been on Jones’ show and has praised the show. People have to know who he is, she added. Therein is the basis of her interview — to hurt POTUS. She spent much of her Fox show ripping into Donald Trump before the election.

Prior to the debate in which she went after him for insulting women, she announced that she was going to basically take Trump down, but obviously didn’t.

NBC audience will boycott

This interview seems to be a step too far for many of Kelly’s NBC audience. Actually, we didn’t know she had an audience. Many will boycott it, which some parents of Sandy Hook victims have called for.

J.P. Morgan Chase has pulled their ads from the show. A top advertising executive for JPMorgan Chase said Monday she is “repulsed” by Megyn Kelly’s upcoming interview with Alex Jones, and questioned why any advertiser would give money to someone who devotes time to the radio host.

Kelly was supposed to host the annual Sandy Hook benefit, the Promise Champions Gala, but has been removed as the host.

Chelsea Clinton weighed in, but it’s hard to understand why Chelsea Clinton has a national voice.

It’s now an attack on Republicans, Fox News, anyone not on the political left

This has turned into a vicious social media attack on Fox News. For example, people are tweeting “you thought Fox was vicious” and “you can take the girl out of Fox but you can’t take the Fox out of the girl”.

Others made it into an attack on Republicans, complaining that the extremism of Republicans will be highlighted and given a platform.

There is NO way Jones represents THE RIGHT. He’s an outlier.

Kelly forgot her audience isn’t all that into free speech. In any case, she’s using Jones in a way that will be unflattering to the right. Jones says he’s a Libertarian, but he is being presented as THE RIGHT.

NBC has interviewed Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein’s lawyer, Black Lives Matter and a whole host of lunatics on the left. NBC, especially Andrea Mitchell, glowed over Fidel Castro and mourned his death. So give me a break. However, since it’s been made about the victims of Sandy Hook, and it has been selectively edited, it should probably not be shown. What do you think?


  1. I think Megan Kelley is a fraud and a person who will do anything to advance her career even if it will bring down this great nation or hurt innocent persons. She should take off her mask and expose the evil person underneath. Her attempt to edit ANY interview to her advantage whether it
    be pro or con to issues facing this nation is disgusting. Her fundamental values are indicative of how low the “journalist” integrity has gone far into the abyss.

  2. On Alex Jones rebuttal to Kelley he showed a clip of Madeline Albright’s opinion on the half million children who died because of sanctions. I was astonished to hear her actually Say “it was worth it”. That is a disgusting remark. She didn’t say it was unfortunate but rather “worth it”. Really. Only a truly EVIL person would say such a thing.

  3. Remember when NBC edited George Zimmerman’s 911 call about Trayvon Martin to make him look like a racist? Katy Curic’s interview with gun owners, several seconds of silence after a question to make them look stupid? the media is a very dangerous weapon they use to push their agenda’s

  4. Since the Main Stream Media is controlled by agents who are intent on overthrowing our Government, what else is there to say/ George Soros and his sons should be arrested and thrown into prison in Guantanamo and Israel should seize his ill gotten fortune to return it to the descendants of the GASSED JEWS from whom Soros robbed of their possessions and estates.

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