Aliens No Longer Exist, Neither Do New Jobs for Citizens



The leftist Governor of California, Jerry Brown, signed legislation Monday to remove the word “alien” from the California Labor Code. Brown claims he wants to be sensitive to illegal aliens but what he is really doing is changing the language to make it acceptable to immigrate here illegally.

The officials in California are making the word “alien” into a derogatory term when it is merely a descriptive term. Their goal is to make legal and illegal immigrants one and the same.

The United States is being described as a country of immigrants instead of a country of citizens to facilitate the open borders movement and to minimize the rights of citizens who will pay for all of this illegal immigration of the poor and uneducated masses.

California has the largest proportion of the illegal immigration in the United States.

The Migration Policy Organization said that in 2013, the highest shares of the 11.4 million illegal aliens reside in California (28 percent), Texas (13 percent), New York (8 percent), and Florida (6 percent).

That’s if you believe there are only 11.4 million illegal aliens in the United States

Together, the top four states accounted for about 55 percent of all illegal aliens.

Two-thirds of illegal aliens resided in 94 counties, with the top five counties—Los Angeles, CA; Harris, TX; Cook, IL; Orange, CA; and Queens, NY—accounting for close to 20 percent of all illegal aliens.

This comes at a cost. A United Way study says that 33 percent of California households are barely making it. The report uses a Real Cost Measure as a more modern measure of determining  those families barely getting by. It creates “basic needs” budgets using real costs of food, housing, transportation, health care, childcare and taxes.

This measure includes the underreported illegal aliens in California. Latino noncitizens are especially likely to struggle, the report states, with an astounding 80 percent below the Real Cost Measure in California.

Mark Levin went through some of the nationwide statistics on his show again. They stats come from his new book.

Currently one in five public school students are illegal aliens and 28% of immigrants in the country come here illegally and that doesn’t count those who have been given amnesty.

Levin says that illegals are taking jobs Americans want. We know that from 2000 to 2014, illegal aliens accounted for 100% of the new job growth which was only 4%, while the native-born citizen population growth for job-age citizens grew by 14%.

Levin also discusses the problem of H1-B visas on the audio below.

If you will notice, I try to only use the term “alien” now because I’m opposed to PC everything.


  1. California is doomed to become a 3rd World hellhole; already, many cities here fit that mold. Whites are moving out as fast as they can rent U-haul and Ryder trucks. Next, Brown will want to rename the state Califexico, or Mexifornia. Either one will be more accurate than California!

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