All the Things Barack Obama Knows Will Shock You



Mr. Obama portrayed as Einstein

I’ve been concerned about Sara’s articles detailing all the things Barack Obama doesn’t know and I believe that we need some balance here at the Sentinel. So I decided to list some of the many things Barack Obama does know.

What Barack Obama – BO – Knows:

his way to the first tee at the Camp David golf course

the name of the Washington football team

his daughters’ names and the age of at least one of them

Michael Jordan was a great basketball player for the Chicago Bulls

he was born in Hawaii

where Marine One is parked

who James Rosen and his parents talk to on their cell phones

how to call Iran’s President Rouhani

the name of the Benghazi terrorist who was interviewed by the AP, New York Times, CNN

Superstorm Sandy hit New Jersey and Chris Christie is the Governor of New Jersey

GM and Tesla make cars with taxpayer money

if he had a son he’d look like Trayvon Martin

Christians love their Bibles and their guns.

guns are bad

Bill Ayers

Michelle Obama went to Princeton

Sean Hannity works for Fox News

Chicago unsuccessfully bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics

it’s usually too cold to go golfing in DC on MLK Jr day

he himself didn’t listen in on Anglea Merkel’s phone calls

Ted Cruz and Mike Lee are extortionists

all about energy and solar panels – look at Solyndra, Ecotality, Abound, Amonix, Genesis, Solar Trust, First Solar, and so many others

Major Hassan’s killing of Ft. Hood soldiers while yelling Allahu Akbar was workplace violence

how to sing, after all, he did win two Grammy awards

to bring people together in peace, after all, he did win the Nobel Peace Prize


Barack Obama – BO – knows: