All We Know About Stephen Paddock, Son of a Bank Robber on FBI’s Most Wanted


The Las Vegas gunman from Mesquite had no record of violence and was a retired accountant with a lot of money. He was gambling heavily for weeks preceding his death, some accounts say.

The killer was divorced 27 years ago, has no children, and was living with a woman vacationing in the Philippines at the time of the shootings. His ex-wife has had no contact with him in the intervening years since their divorce.

Sheriff Lombardo said earlier Monday that there is no way this tragedy could have been prevented.

ISIS’s claim that Stephen Paddock was an Islamic terrorist is looking less likely as information comes out. Paddock was a gambler and Islamists don’t gamble.

His brother Eric has said he had no religious or political affiliations that would suggest a motive. It’s unknown if this is relevant but his father Benjamin was a bank robber who was on the FBI’s Most Wanted from 1969 to 1977 after he escaped from prison.

His father was eventually captured and is now deceased. Eric Paddock said he never lived with their mother. It’s not likely this is relevant. If he had genetic problems, the 64-year old waited a long time to act on the impulses.

His brother Eric said he knew Stephen had a couple handguns but nothing like this. Some reports now say he had 30 guns and possibly refitted one to make it into an automatic.

“He was my brother and it’s like an asteroid fell out of the sky,” Eric Paddock said when he learned his sibling was the gunman in the Las Vegas massacre. Eric lives in Orlando and so does the gunman’s mother.

The killer’s brother never saw any violent tendencies and his record was clean except for one citation years ago. Police corroborated this information. Law enforcement has no “derogatory information” about Stephen Paddock, besides the fact that he received a citation several years ago that was handled in the court system, Sheriff Lombardo said.

Obviously he was pro-gun and his brother said he had hunting and fishing licenses, his brother said.

Gunman Paddock “was a wealthy guy playing video poker … on cruises,” his brother said, adding that Stephen could afford anything he wanted and played $100-a-hand poker.

The last communication his brother had with him was via text, asking if their mother was okay after the hurricane.

Hotel employees had been in the room prior to the shooting but saw nothing amiss.

So far the firearms appear to have been purchased legally, but it is illegal to retrofit a gun into an automatic. The suspicion, based on initial reports, is that at least one of the rifles used was altered to function as an automatic weapon, an official told reporters. Among the weapons found were a .223 caliber and a .308 caliber.

The killer had a pilot’s license but did not keep up with the licensing requirements.

LawNewz reported he had sued at least one casino after he slipped an fell.


  1. It’s sounding like this man Was a terrorist. He had a stockpile of arms, thousands of rounds and explosives. Considering his planning and his stockpile there is little doubt he was a terrorist even though we don’t, as yet, know his affiliations.

  2. So, original reports gave the conclusion that upon officers at the door and forced entry found the shooter dead. This evidently is not the case. A squad of officers at the door were confronted with fire and then SWAT was called in to handle the situation. After THIS revelation no more questions were taken by the Sheriff. WHY?

    This is actually closer to a report by Alex Jones, whom I’m usually skeptical on many matters, who said it was HRT that entered the room and found Antifa literature in the room. If this IS true it would be understandable to withhold that information so as to not inflame the public.

    It was also reported the shooter had tannerite in his home and ammonia nitrate in the car. Also it sound as if the weapons were modified for automatic mode.

    This video is with 30lbs tannerite

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