All You Need to Know About Trump Pretending to Be His Own Publicist



Every day, CNN, the Clinton station, dedicates time to destroying Trump with his past indiscretions, mistakes, and lies they make up about him. They went back 25 years for the following story.

If Trump does any of the things he says he will do, he’s 100% better than Marxist Hillary but we report, you decide.

Twenty-five years ago, Trump allegedly posed as his own publicist to inflate his image. You listen and you decide.

Trump denied it.

Marla Maples broke down in tears when she heard the recording of Trump pretending to be his own publicist.

The self-funder and deal maker is also looking to get some of his money back.


  1. The mainstream media is shameless. All that Trump has done in his personal life is nothing that the Clintons have done as they traveled to different parts of the world making promises to the poorest of nations that they never intended to keep. And then there’s the emails, Clinton’s dereliction of duty, Crooked Hillary and her mountains of lies but we’re supposed to focus on the Donald pretending to be his publicist 20 years ago.

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