Almost Blacklisted Websites, Disappearing Conservatives


A new research report written by mathematician and DefyCCC editor, Leo Goldstein, alleges that Google’s search function is biased against conservative news sites, and specifically notes that the topics of climate change and other political issues are being impacted.

Anyone who has researched on google over the years know that is true. Whenever I searched for a particular topic, conservative or right-leaning sites came up in the search but that is no longer true.

Goldstein’s report was based on research conducted through Alexa. He stated that Google’s search functionality “is found to be biased in favor of left/liberal domains,” and “against conservative domains” with what he calls a confidence of 95 percent. Hard-left domains are heavily disproportionately favored over conservative sites and some are hand-picked for prominence.

Facebook and Twitter are also no friend to conservatives. It’s the power of a monopoly.

The right-wing is being silenced.

Popular Conservative and Libertarian sites have been all but blacklisted according to Mr. Goldstein. Powerline Blog, Drudge Report, American Thinker, InstaPundit, PJ Media, and Gateway Pundit all received an email from Leo Goldstein warning them that their websites had been “almost blacklisted” by Google.

The email reads:

“Dear Editors,” he wrote in the email. “You might be interested to learn, that your websites have been almost blacklisted by Google. “Almost blacklisted” means that Google search artificially downranks results from your websites to such extent that you lose 55% – 75% of possible visitors traffic from Google. This sitution [sic] is probably aggravated by secondary effects, because many users and webmasters see Google ranking as a signal of trust.”

This result is reported in my paper published in WUWT. The findings are consistent with multiple prior results, showing Google left/liberal bias, and pro-Hillary skew of Google search in the elections.

Concluding his article, he wrote, “I write to all of them to give you opportunity to discuss this matter among yourselves. Even if Google owes nothing to your publications, it certainly owes good faith to the users of its search. Intentionally hiding conservative and/or libertarian websites from the customers is an obvious breach of good faith.”

This is not surprising given the culture at Google.

Google recently fired an engineer simply for written musings to colleagues about the problems of the overly PC and blatantly anti-conservative culture.

Abortion in America is one site that has seen a steep decline in traffic since Google employed their censors.

The Sentinel’s numbers went down from 20,000 to 50,000 unique users a day to 6,000 to 9,000 a day. We have not seen numbers this low since we began nearly seven years ago.

Google, Facebook and Twitter are cracking down on “conspiracy theories” showing up in search queries. They have added real-life “evaluators” to help analyze and monitor.

They are censoring. There is no doubt.

These evaluators or censors have guidelines to “flag” content that is “misleading” or are “hoaxes” in their opinion, or appear “abusive”. According to their leftist perspectives, they are demoting “low-quality content”.

No one is doing a thing about it. This should terrify you.



  1. It’s really doubtful Congress or anyone else will step up and put an end to this. Sen. Mike Lee has reinforced this perception which suggests Big Tech has influence over him, and all aspects of the Government. The Snowden documents was evidence how these companies are invested in Operations within the Government.

    That involvement has taken a disturbing turn. We now have a Special Counsel, with no Congressional oversight, forbidding oversight by the AG office, and reluctance by the Deputy AG to reign in the ever expanding role of that Counsel. Mueller, in his zeal, has decided to essentially take his investigation into Trump voters and supporters no doubt to find any connection between the public and Russia.

    The Investigators have decided that anything on the internet is subject to scrutiny if it could prove to be even remotely related to Russia. Certainly anyone who works for, or even appears on the RT network would face enhanced scrutiny and called before the FBI. Then, a perjury trap can be laid and the subject charged as a Russian agent.

    To what extent will this encompass. This development is in its infancy but with anything Government is involved in, invariably the scope is widened at greater and greater degrees. Since the Big Tech companies, such as Google, Facebook and Twitter have enormous amount of information their cooperation would give the Investigation unfathomable power over anyone with a prominent profile. We have already seen the extent to which insignificant subordinates have been investigated and the NEED to seek legal representation, which is NOT paid by the Government but is a burden on the “suspect”. Those who haven’t the resources will most likely suffer the most consequence.

    This should be the biggest concern of every American in the country. It has been said by legal scholars, legal experts and many others that the original charge of “collusion” isn’t even against the law. Then why in the damn hell are we here with this. A recent story says the son of Flynn is being investigated for attempting a channel to the Russians during the TRANSITION. What the HELL is this. This is ALL based upon a “dossier” that suggested Russia has been grooming Trump for years to be President. And we find out the the infamous dossier was ALL, ALL compiled from “anonymous sources”.

    We are so DAMN worried about the Russians with this new Russia scare which is becoming far more serious than HUAC or McCarthy could have ever envisioned. But the most profound conclusion IS; We are so concerned about how Russia is such an evil country we are fast becoming what we “believe” about THEM. I am beginning to believe THAT is why these Tech Giants are allowed to continue as they have been.

    These Tech Giants are censoring anyone they deem “unfit” by every means necessary, YET what is allowed?, a YouTube video showing the hanging of a little white kid that has millions of views and is ALLOWED to trend. THIS is where we are.

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