TWU, Verizon & the Teamsters Support the Occupy Wall Street Protesters



Unions in this country are becoming a serious problem. Their thuggish, entitled behavior is not only supported by our administration, it is promoted.

According to the leftist online blog, the Daily Kos, TWU voted last night to support the occupy Wall Street protesters. The Teamsters and Verizon have also joined the protesters.

Union members have been at the protests since day 1, but they have been coy about it until now. The press has been more than kind in their coverage – they can’t seem to describe the protesters for what they are. It’s not as if the protesters have been shy about saying who they are and what they are about.

The protesters openly state that they want to overthrow the government. They want democracy, as in “tyranny of the masses” type of democracy with the dissolution of the Republic. The primary goal is to begin by eradicating Capitalism and redistributing the wealth.

According to business insider, here are some demands made by the protesters.

1. Smash the Wall Street bull

2. Repeal the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling that let corporations give more money to politics

3. Widespread debt forgiveness (student loans in particular)

4. Pay-as-you-go military intervention

5. Pass a Tobin tax

6. Universal care centers

7. Reinstate Glass-Steagull

8. Paid sick leave

9. Increased political transparency

10. Negative income tax or social wage

11. Full employment

Read here: Now TWU has gone to the dark side. 

When people join Anarchists and Socialists, who are traitors to our country, they deserve no quarter. Make no mistake, people who advocate the overthrow of our government are traitors.

What happened to standing up for freedom?  Where are the citizens who will not tolerate Totalitarianism? We must speak up and out peacefully. We need to have our voices heard.

Wake up America!