Randy Altschuler Making A Run For County Exec

Randy Altschuler

Randy Altschuler is a man of the people. I discovered that early on during his first run for Congress in Suffolk County’s CD-1 race in NY. The night of the race, it appeared he lost handily, but as it turned out, whole districts were omitted or not counted. Suddenly, the next day, he was the winner, but only by a margin of 300+ votes. The absentee ballot count was painful and enlightening. And, yes, there are people cheating and trying to steal your vote, but that’s another story.

Mr. Altschuler went to D.C. for the 5 day orientation and came back with renewed vigor because what he saw in D.C. was a lot of people who are more concerned about the next election than they are about the peoples’ welfare. He became even more resolute in his goal to represent the people in his district with commitment and honesty. Unfortunately, after the absentee ballot count, Mr. Altschuler lost by a small margin.

Now he’s back and willing to take on the toughest job in Suffolk County. The recent loss of fiscal conservative, Steve Levy, has left a chill on Long Island. We have villages and towns that are going bankrupt; concerned unions that are making demands; homeowners under water; a growing population of unemployed; a burgeoning undocumented worker population; skyrocketing taxes, particularly on real estate; and we have an unsustainable MTA tax. Mr. Altschuler is not only willing to do this job, he will do it handily.

Mr. Altschuler is a businessman who scratched his way up from a childhood without money or advantage; a Hunter High School graduate, he worked his way through Princeton and Harvard; and he became a highly accomplished businessman who gives back to his community at every opportunity. He is a family man; his wife is a pediatrician in the community and they are expecting their second child. I know him to be humble and appreciative, endearing qualities not often seen in someone as successful as Mr. Altschuler.

If anyone can keep us from bankruptcy and bring us back to growth and prosperity, it is this man who finds intellectual joy in sifting through problems and finding solutions. He works well with others and is no-nonsense leader – don’t waste his time! He is not a politician but he understands politics and values the importance of it as a vehicle for the people, by the people and of the people. He doesn’t need this job or any political job. He wants to give back to his community and make a difference. Godspeed Mr. Altschuler.

Read more in Newsday: “Following State Sen. John Flanagan’s exit from the Suffolk County executive race, the latest focus of GOP and Conservative leaders appears to be multimillionaire Randy Altschuler…

Sources in both parties say Altschuler, a St. James Republican, conducted a poll with results that were highly positive. GOP leaders are to meet Wednesday. Altschuler has expressed interest in another congressional run, party sources say, but indicated he’d consider the county-executive race — if Flanagan pulled back and party officials wanted him to run.”