AMAZING! Trump’s Poll Numbers Changed Dramatically After Trashing Bush



It’s hard to know if this latest polling by Fox News is an outlier at this point but according to their results, after trashing Bush, Trump’s poll numbers among the military went up by a whopping eight points.

People who like Trump like his brazen outspokenness. They believe he will do something and they know the establishment will do nothing as usual.

It’s hard to believe the establishment didn’t get it, still doesn’t get it, and won’t change to deal with the wave sweeping Trump to victory. This is why Trump will win. The establishment is trying to use their same old, personal attacks.

Cruz has remained static.

This was a Republican debate, with a Republican audience, in a Republican state, among military – amazing. What’s even more amazing is how did Trump know to do that.


Hannity discussed the Trump surge last night. It’s time for Kasich, Carson and Bush to drop out so we can see who Republicans want. Laura Ingraham nails it in this video.