America Has Leaders Who Will Say Anything


Josh Disearnest

The people in this administration will say anything, nothing they say can be trusted, and they are arrogant about it.

Here are a couple examples from this week alone.

During Friday’s press conference, James Rosen asked Josh Earnest if the president was aware that Hillary Clinton was using a private email account for her government business.

“On her Facebook page, Mrs. Clinton stated, and I [James Rosen] quote, ‘my use of a personal email account was aboveboard.’ She added, ‘everyone I communicated with in government was aware of it.’ You have previously confirmed from the podium that President Obama and Secretary Clinton exchanged some number of e-mails with the Secretary using that private address. Is she accurate when she says everyone she communicated with in government was aware of that government address and that would include the President.”

Earnest replied, “Well, James, I’ve acknowledged before that I think most people who are trading e-mails with someone are aware of the other person’s e-mail address. And, so, I’m not surprised to hear that the president was aware of what her e-mail address was because he traded e-mails with her.”

The following exchange ensued with Earnest comparing Clinton’s use of emails to Fox News’ email system.

ROSEN: “But previously the president told my CBS News colleague Bill Plante that he became aware of this only when everyone else did.”
EARNEST: “Well, now you’re asking me about the e-mail server situation, and I think that most people, myself included, are aware of the e-mail address of many people but I’m not aware of, for example, of what the arrangement FOX News has set up for FOX News e-mail addresses.”
ROSEN: “FOX News’ e-mail system is not at issue here. I think you understand that.”
EARNEST: “Well, I don’t know that to be true. I think that’s the point I’m trying to make here.”
ROSEN: “To your knowledge, at any point in his presidency, did President Obama remark to any other aide about Mrs. Clinton’s use of a private e-mail address?”
EARNEST: “Not that I’m aware of.”

Earnest will never come out and clearly state what happened nor will he ever give any details.


In March, Barack Obama said he found out about Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email account when everybody else did – from the news media.

[Later in this clip someone posted on youtube, you can hear Hillary stating in a September 7th interview with the Associated Press that everyone with a .gov address knew about her email account.]

Harry Reid is another one. He cheered the Democrats for blocking a GOP resolution to stop the Iran nuclear deal:

“The Senate has spoken with a clarion voice and declared that the historic agreement to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon will stand,” Reid said after the Senate vote. “Our fellow Americans, allies and negotiating partners around the world should know that today’s outcome was clear, decisive and final: there is now no doubt whatsoever that the United States Congress will allow this historic agreement to proceed,” Reid said. “Efforts by opponents to derail this agreement were soundly rejected by a margin much larger than anyone thought achievable as recently as a few days ago.”

The Senate has spoken? A clarion voice?

It wasn’t the Senate speaking, it was the Democrats. There wasn’t a single Republican who voted for it and not all Democrats supported it. Many Democrats supported it because they had their arms twisted.

These people will say anything. This goes on week after week, year after year.



  1. Why is it ANY TIME the president is asked about whether or not he knew of the latest atrocity, he always says “I found out about it when everybody else did” implying that he doesn’t (ever) have any advance knowledge of anything happening in our government?

    • That statement alone is a definitive piece of proof that this “president”, who is ” in command” of the CIA, FBI, and a boatload of other organizations of secrecy and espianage, is a complete idiot. All other presidents, even the less than great ones, knew what was going on in their own administration, and even Nixon had the strength of character to quit when he got caught. So what does that say for the current regime occupying Washington DC?

      • I don’t really think I will be able to say what is on mind to write. It is beyond frightening these people are in charge.

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