American Hero – Sergio Consuegra


Sergio Consuegra is a real American hero. He single-handedly saved the family in the SUV incident from further abuse by the crazed motorcycle thugs.


Sergio, a real hero

While vicious motorcyclists were destroying a van and beating the driver, an undercover cop in the group stood by, maybe even joined in. The driver ran over a motorcyclist by accident after they darted in and out in front of him on a highway. The driver took off in fear he says. The motorcyclists caught up with them. They even threatened the wife and her two-year old baby, pulling her aggressively from the van.

In all of this, there was a hero who saved them without thought of his own safety.

This brave man, Sergio Consuegra, stepped in between to save the victim. Listen to the interview on this link.

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