American Kidnapped in Pakistan



Warren Weinstein

Update: 8/14 – “We have detained a few people for questioning, including guards posted at the house,” Lahore police chief Ahmed Raza Tahir told Reuters. (Note – they need to conduct an intense investigation of the guards).

“We hope to recover him soon,” he added, without giving further details.

Original Story :- An American, Warren Weinstein, who works for an Arlington firm studying tribal areas in Pakistan, was dragged out of his home in Pakistan while the security guards were preparing for fasting. I’m not sure what that means. Were they on duty or not?

Supposedly a couple of men showed up with food, an act of sharing common during Ramadan. The guards then opened the gate for them. The assailants allegedly tortured the guards.

There is strong anti-American sentiment in Pakistan, especially since the killing of Osama bin Laden, and it is becoming more dangerous for American workers in Pakistan. Pakistanis resent the relationship between Islamabad and Washington.

Security is being stepped up for all Americans.Mr. Weinstein’s firm spends a great deal of money on security which gives pause to all firms based in the area.

“They’ve become very, very brazen,” Zahid Elahi, managing director in Pakistan for Development Alternatives Inc., another U.S.-based contracting firm, said of the kidnappers. “We just need to get our heads together because it’s only just happened.”

Kidnappings of foreigners for ransom are common in Pakistan. The fact is these kidnappers went to a lot of trouble to kidnap this particular man.