American University in Kabul Is Under Attack



Hundreds of students and several American professors are trapped inside. Pulitzer Prize-winning AP photographer Massoud Hossaini has been tweeting from inside along with others.

The reaction from Barack Obama will be tepid at best with him making a statement that he “condemns this in the strongest terms” and the media will crow about his strong response.

One of Hossaini’s tweets read, “I’m wounded and girl cry.”


Mr. Hossaini’s Twitter page reads: I was born in the wrong place, Afg, Grew up in the wrong place, Iran, living in the wrong place, kabul.

CBS News reporter Ahmad Muktar tweeted:

Witnesses heard gunshots, then a blast, possibly collapsing the gate. Many students were able to escape. The attackers are reportedly suicide bombers.

We have a very small force of soldiers in Afghanistan. It’s now known if they are near but police have responded.

Two professors – an American and an Australian – were kidnapped from near the university recently while driving in an SUV. They might have been taken by criminals but they often sell prize captives to the Taliban.


  1. top cop gen. nicholson says the bad guys hold more territory now than in 2001; think about that. my guess is most of our remaining 9800 are hunkered down in fob’s’ and the ana who are not guarding kabul, khandahar city and jalalabad are up north protecting the international companies mining interests. the southern provinces are still ‘allowed’ to produce more opium than any other failed state in the world.

    when we ran kabul there was a faux cosmopolitan atmosphere in the town and the feeling among afghani elite (those who were literate) that happy days were here again, but not so much anymore; we brought our mother’s sons and daughters home, the obscene gush of taxpayer money needed to float the illusion of success was redirected to syrian/ iraq theater, and every pashtun’s buddy mr. karzai, was sent scrounging for speaking engagements.

    in august of 2015 the talibs punched the tickets of 50 afghan soldiers and cadets in kabul’s district 8, an army base.
    there were hundreds’ injured in the blast. in april of 2016 taliban militants attacked a security team responsible for protecting government veeps (again in kabul), 64 met allah and over 300 were maimed.

    in my humble anyone walking the streets of kabul without a kevlar vest and a side-arm sees the doughnut, not the hole.
    while mr. hossaini’s creds and animus are admirable, he and many others have gotten themselves into a position that only supplies ammunition for the neo-cons to re-ignite their passion for more ‘boots on the ground’ in afghanistan. that means i’ll see more of America’s children hopping around on titanium legs and fighting the effects of ptsd and they will be the lucky ones who survived.
    just say’n…b

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