America’s Real Tragedy Is Our Willing Acceptance of Lies


Kevin Jackson

Killed by police 2016: 275 WHITE, 136 BLACK, 86 LATINO people. What race of people are killed more than any other? None of those.

We are being lied to by our president, by the race-baiting media, Democrats, and radical leftist groups like Black Lives Matter.

Listen to the courageous Mr. Jackson and decide where you stand.

h/t Judy Pepenella


  1. Mr. Jackson saying “obviously a mistake was made” makes him as guilty as the people he is speaking about. He should wait to get all the facts or at least hear the police officers account of what happened. All we have is the girlfriend telling her side and she contradicts herself in that 10 minutes of video she streamed from the car. First she said he was reaching for his license when the police officer shot him then she says later when she is in the police car that he was putting his hands up when the police officer shot him. In both accounts she says he was just following the officers commands. Why can’t we wait to find out what really happened before speculating??? What is it about a segment of our society willing to make judgements without any facts??? How have so many lost the ability to reason???

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