Amnesty Via Executive Memo-Will Congress Ever Step In?


We love immigrants and we love immigrants from all countries. Immigrants are often better citizens than those who are born here. It doesn’t mean we have to love illegal immigration.

It doesn’t matter what the Americans want. It doesn’t matter what Congress wants. The balance of powers does not exist under the current over-reaching Executive Branch. President Obama wants the Hispanic vote, even if it’s the illegal Hispanic vote. He has offered up his own version of the DREAM Act in a sneaky memo issued last Friday.

“…The “prosecutorial discretion” memo says officials need not enforce immigration laws if illegal immigrants are enrolled in an education center or if their relatives have volunteered for the US military…“They’re pushing the [immigration] agents to be even more lax, to go further in not enforcing the law,” said Kris Kobach, Kansas’ secretary of state. “At a time when millions of Americans are unemployed and looking for work, this is more bad news coming from the Obama administration… [if the administration] really cared about putting Americans back to work, it would be vigorously enforcing the law,” said Kobach, who has helped legislators in several states draft local immigration-related laws…”Read more here: Quasi-Amnesty

Once you get into relatives, the amnesty is far-reaching and never-ending. And that’s the skinny.