An Egyptian Warns – the Brotherhood Is the Worst Threat in the World Today

Al Qaeda Flags in Benghazi

 Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. The Qur’an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope. — motto of the Muslim Brotherhood

The overwhelming Egyptian majority (over 90 percent) are Arabic-speaking Sunni Muslims. About 6 percent are Christians, who are indistinguishable in other respects from the Muslims.

An Egyptian acquaintance, currently an American citizen, came to the United States more than two decades ago though many of his family members remain in Egypt. He said he left Egypt when the Sunni Muslims poured into Egypt and pushed the non-Sunnis back to the Dam.

He said that the greatest threat in the world today is The Muslim Brotherhood. They (the Brotherhood), he said, will stop at nothing and they will tell you whatever you want to hear. Their idea is to pretend they are assimilated, but they never can be because their loyalty will only be to Allah and to the Brotherhood. Their first allegiance and only true allegiance will be to their religious beliefs and they will do what their Imam tells them to do. Political and religious authorities are inseparable.

In Egypt, ElBaradei is in the lead for President of that nation. He is backed by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Mr. ElBaradei, former IAEA chairman, while serving in this position, falsely claimed that Iran was not moving ahead with its nuclear program, which in effect allowed Iran to move ahead uninterrupted. Read here: El Baradei

ElBaradei’s competition for control of Egypt is the military.

ElBaradei claims that the threat of the Brotherhood is a myth spread by Mubarek. “This is totally bogus,” ElBaradei said about the threat of the Brotherhood. “They are no way extremists. They are no way using violence. They are not a majority of the Egyptian people. They will not be more than maybe 20 percent of the Egyptian people. You have to include them like, you know, new evangelical, you know, groups in the U.S., like the orthodox Jews in Jerusalem.”

The Brotherhood tries to feign clean hands, and they use offshoots such as Al Qaeda to do their bidding.

In Libya, we have this rally where the “democratic” demonstrators are demanding strict Shariah while waving Al Qaeda flags.

The NY Times and others have reported that this is not necessarily an Al Qaeda flag and it’s only a small representation of the population.

Here is Dennis Kucinich on the issue –

In Tunisia, radical Islamists have taken control of 150 out of 200 Mosques and prayer halls in Tunisia. Ennahda, a moderate Islamic party won 40% of the vote in Tunisia and is forming a coalition with two secular minorities. However, radical Islamists, or salafists threaten the security of this nation which is one of the most moderate in the region. The United States has been funding the Brotherhood and the Salafists.

Prior to 9/11, Salafists pledged allegiance to the Brotherhood. Now they are either a front group for the Brotherhood or they are an extreme offshoot. They are becoming an increasing presence in Europe. Salafists are still a small number of Muslims but they are jihadists and they were spawned by the Brotherhood.

In Yemen, the Islah Party includes Socialists, Nasserites and the local Muslim Brotherhood.

President Ali Abdullah Saleh stressed that what was happening in Yemen was a military coup by Muslim Brotherhood in collaboration with al-Qaeda. In October, Saleh said, “We have strong proofs of the cooperation between Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda.”

Saudi writer, Al-Zaydi, said, “…the facts show that Islamists have ruled Sudan and Iran and that they are now ruling Iraq (the al-Sadr and Maliki version of Islamism, at least)…”