An Internet Takeover Will Embolden Nanny Food Police


Net Neutrality, which is a takeover of the Internet, will alter the relationship of the providers of Internet services to the public. Instead of being answerable to the consumer, Internet providers will be answerable to the government.

Food control will be on the agenda.

Think of all the nanny food mandates coming down the road and how easily the government will be able to flood us with their ideology once they control the Internet, the one entity that has been completely free.

The political nannies who want to control how much soda we drink, eliminate our sugar and salt, and tell us not to eat meat would have free reign over the Internet.


via nacsonline

The U.N.’s World Health Organization wants nations throughout the world to adopt an international blueprint banning food advertising geared towards children.

They want to control commercials shown to children to ‘reduce food marketing pressure to children with regard to foods high in energy, saturated fats, trans fatty acids, free sugars or salt’ and to develop and implement common policy approaches that promote, among other things, the use of common nutrient profiling tools.”

They are encouraging countries to adopt their food nutrition model and they believe that controlling marketing on TV and other media ads from early childhood will cut down on obesity.

“Despite progress in some countries, government action to restrict such marketing remains less than optimal,” the group’s announcement said. That is simply unacceptable, and WHO officials hope that by taking care of all the actual work in deciding what foods to ban, national governments will more easily follow their lead.

They hardly care what people think, they’ve decided the conversations is over.

The new federal dietary guidelines strongly advise Americans – children and adults – to eat less meat and dairy and more vegetables for the sake of the climate, something the U.N. also wants.

The USDA  is calling for Internet-based “weigh-ins” and government text messages to overweight people meant to help them shed the pounds.

They want to address the planet’s health by telling you what you can and cannot eat. Democrats are dismissing critics by calling them Big Food terrorists.

There will be no compromise.

At a March 14 meeting of the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, committee member Miriam Nelson of Tufts University said: “The question that we’re spending the most time on right now is really, what is the relationship between population level dietary patterns as a whole and long-term food sustainability and related food security?”

The Obama administration is about to take over the Internet and classify it as a public utility. The Democrats have frequently expressed their desire to control political speech on the Internet. They are not supporters of blogs, TalkRadio, Fox News and any of the media outlets that air opposing opinions.

Not only will we see limitations of opposing thought, we will see a corresponding increase in liberal messaging, not because the market demands it, but because it’s “fair.”

There is nothing “fair” about prejudicing the masses but that will happen.

If the government wants to put in U.N. controls on food, they can. If they want to inundate us with one-sided propaganda, they can.

An Internet takeover is an Orwellian dream.