An Update on Obamacare From A Doctor


Three years ago, my wife and I joined a new Doctor’s groups going to Washington DC to meet with seven Congressmen and all Physicians who were opposed Obamacare.

Two thousand of us were amazed to learn that Obama’s attempt to provide healthcare coverage for the 12 million truly uninsured was, in reality, a GOVERNMENT TAKEOVER OF OUR TOTAL HEALTHCARE SYSTEM!

The administration, supported by his Liberal base and the mainstream media, dismissed us as a “bunch of right-wing fanatics, racists, and Obama-haters!!!

Since I spent a lifetime in the healthcare field (2 years as a Dentist during the Viet Nam War, 20 years volunteering to treat Medicaid patients at our local hospital, and 42 years in General Practice), I do not know if I will ever get over those horrific accusations!

But, as more and more people actually “read the bill” all of the “charges” were dismissed and the true reality of socialized medicine sank in!

One part of Obamacare funnels millions of “uninsured” Americans into state-run Medicaid, a system jointly paid by both the state and the federal government. Since all states cannot afford these additional costs, they are looking for ways to cut services or lessen payments to Doctors and Hospitals (think fewer mammograms, pap smears and PSA testing, less frequent colonoscopies, etc.)!

On April first, Washington State’s Medicaid Agency (43 other states have similar plans) will STOP paying for certain emergency room visits in an attempt to REDUCE HEALTHCARE COSTS (sound familiar?).

All emergency room patients will be turned away if they are diagnosed with any of the following:

1-common infections

2-mild burns

3- strains and bruises

4-many other listed conditions (including using the emergency room too frequently -
 even if the hospital is legally required to treat them). Either treat them for free or turn them away!

The results are pure Obama !!!

Who looks bad when patients are turned away?  You got it!’ It’s the big bad Doctors’ fault! I guess they are supposed to absorb the costs and run the hospital for free!

According to the new law, patients can NOT be charged for these services either! After all, this is “free healthcare!”

We DO want them to continue to vote for their friend and supporter, President Obama!

This summer, the Supreme Court will decide on the constitutionality of Obamacare.

Unfortunately, much of the “damage” to the world’s greatest healthcare system has already  been done.

33 weeks till election day !