Anarchism in the Cause of Statism in America


arrogant obama

Barack Obama has set up a lawless America and defends anarchy and a growing chaos that is statist in nature in an effort to push his fundamental transformation of the United States. He has a lot of liberal support for it. It’s amazing how many people want to be cared for a “benevolent” and soulless government.

Obama defends criminal illegal aliens. When Arizona tried to help the Federal government enforce the law, they were sued by the government, repeatedly, but as sanctuary cities proliferate in direct violation of the Federal law, he remains silent. He has been silent as hundreds of thousands of criminal illegal immigrants have been released onto the streets of America. He is now pushing for the release of tens of thousands of drug dealers in Federal prisons, claiming they are all non-violent. He was also out supporting the hate group, BlackLivesMatter this week.

Do you agree with Bill O’Reilly that we are heading for anarchy?

Barack Obama has been doing what statists do, taking an issue with some truth and using it to further an agenda.

So-called liberals want criminal justice reform and there is a need for some reforms. People shouldn’t go to jail just for Marijuana or simply because they are drug addicts. Over-criminalization, however, is another problem.

Another more dangerous problem is the under-criminalization that puts drug dealers on the streets with a slap on the wrist which basically gives them the okay to do it again and again.

Obama will soon release tens of thousands of Federal prisoners and the group includes large numbers of drug dealers. Drug dealers are always armed and they are always dangerous.

The murderer of Officer Holder in New York City, Tyrone Howard, is described by police as the poster boy for “not being let out of prison” yet a judge, following Obama’s and BLM’s logic, did exactly that.

A longtime gang member and drug dealer, who was arrested 28 times in 16 years, Tyrone Howard was wanted for a shooting in the neighborhood where he shot the officer. He had been released on the proviso he would attend a drug rehab program even though he was a violent drug dealer. He never did attend.

He was so “non-violent” that the recidivist drug dealer shot an 11-year old boy and a 77 year-old man in a 2009 shooting.

“If ever there was a candidate not to be diverted, it was this guy,” Bratton said of Howard. “He’s a poster boy for not being diverted. His whole life has been about an escalation of crime … and now we have the murder of a New York City police officer.”

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Edward McLaughlin, while calling the Tuesday night killing of Holder “an absolute tragedy,” defended his decision to spare Howard from jail.

“I don’t get a crystal ball when I get the robe,” McLaughlin told the Daily News. “I know I made the right decision. …I’m confident it’s accurate and appropriate.”

McLaughlin insisted he was unaware of any violent crimes involving Howard, but a News review of a December court transcript indicates a defense lawyer broached the subject with the judge. The judge was not telling the truth.

Andrew Cuomo and other liberals went out and blamed it on guns, ignoring the judge’s incompetence, the gang element, the drug dealing nature of his crimes, the violence of the criminal and his long rap sheet.

Maybe we need some leaders with common sense who care about the country.

Listen to this exchange below with a liberal and Bill O’Reilly on his show last night to get an idea of the thinking. Liberals want to go to the ends of the earth to save hardened criminals but the victims and future victims don’t figure in the equation.

Though well-intentioned, this sweet woman in the video supports putting others in danger whether she knows it or not. It’s easy to be a do-gooder, not so easy to be tough when necessary.