And You Thought Solyndra Was Bad, Look At This Scandal


As if Solyndra isn’t enough, we now have BrightSource, a solar company about to be awarded the largest award ever given by the Department of Energy, and it is considered too risky for a government investment.

High risk didn’t stop Obama from blowing our money on this investment that will bring jobs to China and Germany.

President Obama has awarded $1.37 billion “stimulus” for another high-risk solar plant venture. The Chairman of the Board of BrightSource, the company that is receiving the stimulus, is one John Bryson, Obama’s selection for Commerce Secretary.

Bryson is a member of the Apollo Alliance, which is run by a slew of socialists and radicals the likes of Jeff Jones, who founded the Weather Underground, a domestic terrorist organization.

Most of the parts for this plant will be manufactured in China and Germany so the money will not go for American jobs. Read here: Klein online