Andrew Cuomo and Steve Israel Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste


Hurricane Sandy knocked the power out in 1.1 million homes in New York. It was followed by a Nor’easter which caused outages in 123,000 more homes. As of yesterday, there were over 200,000 still without power.

It was an unusual storm but the politicians had a week-and-a-half to prepare yet FEMA did not have food, water, and temporary shelters for people affected by the storm. The politicians get to skate on their own ineptitude because they throw all the responsibility onto the utility, the easy mark.

Some of the homes are without power because their homes are or were flooded. There is a rule about having the home certified by an electrician before power can be restored. That rule comes to us from the federal government, FEMA.

Cuomo, instead of being helpful, gave another press conference demonizing LIPA, a state-run organization, showing the public what a leader is not. A leader doesn’t use opportunities to fetter a nest but rather, a leader takes charge and gets things done. It took Cuomo a week-and-a-half to put the gas rationing in place despite the mass confusion and violence at the pumps.

I hate to mention his name in a positive light, but Governor Christie in NJ, did none of that. He didn’t make people angrier at a time they needed good leadership. Speaking at the Somerset National Guard Armory in Franklin Township on Thursday, Chris Christie praised utility workers for their effort and defended the power companies, saying they should not be demonized in the wake of the worst storm in state history. “The villain in this case is Hurricane Sandy,” he said.

Cuomo, by comparison, lashed out a LIPA for not having poles and parts et cetera, which, as it turns out, wasn’t even the case.

“We have the material … the poles, wires and transformers … we need. There are no material shortages,” Hervey said Wednesday.

Cuomo ended his most recent attack on the utility by saying, “Part of this is the system. But with LIPA, I also believe part of it is the management, which has been unacceptable. They failed. They have failed the consumers. It is that simple,” Cuomo said Thursday.

LIPA is a state agency and Cuomo is responsible for it but let’s not have details get in the way.

If you’ll notice, nothing is his fault even though he did nothing to prepare his state for the storm, nothing. Oh wait, he did do something. He tried to give gas meant for emergency workers to the public for free. That would have been some free-for-all if it hadn’t been stopped by the National Guard.

Steve Israel, the Big Government congressman from Long Island, wants the federal government to take charge. Anyone who is affected by the storm knows FEMA has been a sorry joke. Expanding outward is not a solution. Israel thinks that because the state hasn’t met his specifications, we should have even bigger government take over. Brilliant!

That is not to exonerate LIPA for not having upgraded equipment. Maybe if FEMA gave LIPA the $10 million dollars they have owed them for over a year, they’d be better able to handle a storm of this magnitude next time.

Last year, LIPA was criticized for over-estimating the need for workers after Hurricane Irene and this year they were reviled for under-estimating.

Cuomo said FEMA is going to reimburse NY 100% for storm damages. Spoken like a true socialist! He wants the other states to bail us out.

Most humorously, Cuomo is in charge of the LIPA board, he has control over most of the seats. He did nothing to change the board. Funnier still, the board is pointing the finger at LIPA management and they are in charge of management.

Cuomo may be a thug but he is good at deflecting responsibility and blame. Sadly, people will fall for it.