Andrew Cuomo’s Losing War on a Democrat Woman


Zelda Teachout

Andrew Cuomo has been unsuccessfully waging a month’s long war on a Democrat woman. Her name is Zephyr Teachout and she is challenging the sitting New York State Governor in their party’s September 9th primary.

In early July, the Fordham Law School professor began her quest by filing over 40,000 signatures of registered Dem voters. While only 15,000 were required, Ms. Teachout more than doubled that number because she anticipated, and got, a challenge from the most powerful man in the Empire State.

That plan having failed miserably, Cuomo decided to attack another way. He attempted to get the professor removed from the ballot by claiming she did not meet the 5 year residency requirement. In a Brooklyn court Andrew unleashed his election lawyer, Marty Connor, on Zephyr. Mr. Connor kept Teachout in the witness box for hours, peppering her with intrusive questions. Eventually she was brought to tears while giving testimony.

During a 10 minute recess Ms. Teachout summed things up by stating, “Governor Andrew Cuomo just gave me a subpoena. And that subpoena asked me to reveal everything about my life in the last five years.The subpoena was extremely aggressive and invasive. … He is attempting to both knock me off the ballot, and knock me off the campaign trail.” She estimated that the Cuomo initiated legal harassment would cost her campaign $50,000 precious dollars.

On Monday, August 11th State Supreme Court Justice Edgar Walker ruled that the lady law professor had met the 5-year residency requirement needed to run for governor. “The Cuomo camp quickly announced it would appeal, a move that will force Teachout to spend more of her meager $180,809 war chest on legal fees. Cuomo is sitting on a $32.5 million campaign account.”

The defiant Ms. Teachout stated, “Today we beat the governor and his old boys club in court, his two attempts to knock me off the ballot have failed.” She celebrated her victory by challenging Mr. Cuomo to a debate.

The good news for Andrew is he’s not a Republican. If a GOP, super nova, male, chief executive, went after a severely underfunded, basically unknown, female candidate, in this type of “war on women” effort to keep her off a primary ballot, he’d be called a neanderthal misogynist, unworthy of living in an evolved, civil society.

The bad news for Andrew is he appears, at this point, to be losing his very own war on this particularly feisty, Dem woman.   It looks like she’ll be facing him on the primary ballot this coming September 9th. Chalk up a win for her. Mark up a loss for Cuomo and his Democrat, testosterone laden, “old boys club”.

Source: NY Post