Angry Red Diaper Baby Bernie Has His Revolution and His Army

Red Diaper Baby Sanders and his now signature communist fist.
Red Diaper Baby Sanders and his now signature communist fist.

Bernie Sanders has started a political revolution and he is a communist or something very close to it. His ardent and activist supporters include the #People4Sanders communists who hope to get him elected. He is their great hope to finally complete the transformation of our nation.

There is too much in Bernie’s background that proves he is a communist so we will only deal briefly with his history with Cuba and Nicaragua in this article.

Bernie Sanders said in 1985 that Castro didn’t face rebellion in Cuba because he educated their kids, gave them free healthcare, totally transformed the society.

This was around the time he went to Nicaragua to support the communist Sandanistas Reagan was trying to defeat. He went the Nicaragua to betray Reagan. He was a traitor.

When asked about it during the Univision Democrat debate, he would not retract these positive comments about Cuba and fell back on his condemnation of the evil Imperialistic US.

The US is the only non-imperialist Super Power ever to exist.

At that time in history, the US tried to save the world from communism. Unfortunately now we fete communists and pretend they are something else.

Clinton jumped in during the debate, noting that Sanders also said in the same interview that Cuba had undergone “a revolution in terms of values,” and stating that if those values include jailing and killing people for expressing political beliefs, “that is not the kind of revolution of values I want to ever see anywhere.”

Sanders calls himself a Democrat Socialist so he can get elected, no other reason, to that they are any bargain and in truth socialism must lead to communism eventually.

He wrote a political memoir in 1997 which was published by the radical left-wing Verso Books, according to MSNBC.

Sanders supported “the socialist Sandinista government in Nicaragua” at the same time it was fighting “a proxy war” with America during the Reagan years. [The Sandanistas were and are violent communists], he admitted proudly.

In 1985, he became the highest-ranking American official to visit Nicaragua at the time, and met with President Daniel Ortega. In his book, he called the trip “profoundly emotional” and praised Ortega. Burlington [where Sanders was mayor] and Managua, Nicaragua’s capital, became sister cities.

The Daily Beast reported on Sanders’ history with communism in Nicaragua.

Sanders shares Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega’s worldview.

Ortega’s Sandanistas were Soviet-funded, Cuban-trained.

Ortega brutally suppressed dissent and horribly mistreated indigenous Nicaraguans. He rejected all democracy. Nonetheless, Sanders thought Managua’s Marxist-Leninist clique had much to teach Burlington: “Vermont could set an example to the rest of the nation similar to the type of example Nicaragua is setting for the rest of Latin America.”

Sanders stole his beliefs as written in his memoir from Ortega’s propaganda playbook:

“Is [the Sandinistas’] crime that they have built new health clinics, schools, and distributed land to the peasants? Is their crime that they have given equal rights to women? Or that they are moving forward to wipe out illiteracy? No, their crime in Mr. Reagan’s eyes and the eyes of the corporations and billionaires that determine American foreign policy is that they have refused to be a puppet and banana republic to American corporate interests.”

Engaging in bizarre conspiracy theories was the norm for Bernie:

Ronald Reagan was a Manchurian president created by millionaires who run corporations according to Bernie: “Some millionaires in California said ‘Ron, we want you to work for us. We want you to become governor.’ They sat around a table. A dozen millionaires. They made him governor. And then they made him president. And he did his job effectively for those corporations.”)

In 1985, Ortega rounded up the regime critics and threw them in prison. He shuttered opposition newspapers and magazines. Bernie refused to condemn any of it but he did condemn Reagan.

Read more about it at the Daily Beast.

Sanders went on to enjoy a “romantic honeymoon” in the USSR with his wife, Jane, when they married in 1988 according to his memoir. The trip was “to Yaroslavl, in the then-Soviet Union. The trip was an official delegation from Burlington to cement the two cities’ sister-city relationship.”

As mayor of Burlington, Sanders praised the regimes of Nicaragua and Cuba—claiming bread lines were a sign of economic health and press censorship was necessary in wartime.

Sanders who pretends he doesn’t have a foreign policy objective turned Burlington into a fantasy foreign-policy camp. In his 1997 memoir, Outsider in the House, he asked, “how many cities of 40,000 [like Burlington] have a foreign policy? Well, we did.”

Sanders also visited Cuba with his wife in 1989 and hoped to meet with Fidel Castro, but it didn’t work out. Instead, Sanders met with Havana’s mayor and other unnamed officials.

Sanders is a communist and last night’s attack on the Trump rally was spearheaded by communists and socialists who support him.

Last October, Bernie praised China’s maternity policy, knowing that they forcibly abort babies of mother’s who have more than one baby, which has now been extended to two babies. It’s not that Bernie is an idiot or a fool, it’s that he’s a communist who shares their values.

sanders on china

The scenario the left hopes to see is this: Donald Trump probably can’t win in a general election but he will be the candidate. What happened to him last night in Chicago is only the beginning. He will be destroyed by November if not already, Hillary will win, Bernie will be an acceptable communist and elder statesman, and the US will move further into the muck of Socialism with Obama’s agenda firmly and permanently enshrined in our government.

Bernie’s people are a united army. Trump called Bernie a communist Saturday and blamed Bernie’s followers for the riot/protest in Chicago. He was mostly correct.

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